Market Vision is a analytic trading software provider that pulls data from over 7000 exchanges and does real time calculations for you that helps you to make better desicions based on real time information on all markets. 


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Cypto Data Terminal

MarketVision is a tool for investors that provides you with real-time data to help you make better decisions for your portfolio. In addition, you will receive daily insider news on the latest market events in the financial markets so that you are always up to date and don’t miss the next opportunity.


Frequently Asked Questions. 

There are a lot of supposed MarketVision sites or fake "scam warnings" that should lead you to dubious brokers or trading programs, please be careful, the only correct site is this: we are not a broker which is also falsely spread. We do not accept funds and do not manage any assets! We are a pure software company.

We dont' have any accsess to your Funds we are not abel to Withdraw or Transfer money from your account it is Technically not possible with our system. 

It is technically not even possible to deposit money with us.

You never need to transfer money from your account your money is always on a Broker like Binance,  Kraken or Coinbase but never on the Market Vision Plattform.

No the indicator can be used on all listed markets and exchanges of Tradingview such as stocks, forex, crypto, bonds, commodities.

Access to the indicator is activated on Tradingview as soon as you have purchased an active licence and entered your user name in the back office.

The Crypto Data Terminal tracks the futures market in real time and detects high-volume orders and manipulations. These are relayed directly to the terminal and calculate value entries and value exits. With the help of this data, traders can take better positions and thus achieve higher performance. This data is not signals, so it is essential to verify this data with our other tools. In our academy you will learn everything in detail! With this combination you will have the advantage to have a real influence
on the market!

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